What do we love the most? Well, apart from our family and loved ones? Discounts and Fridays of course. And nothing could be better than to combine pleasant with pleasant. And we are not talking about eating ice-cream and drinking hot coffee for which your teeth won’t be thankful for, but about Black Friday for which your wallet, family budget, and reflection in the mirror will thank you!

10 lifehacks for  making purchases on Aliexpress !


AliExpress - the largest Asian online store. A huge number of customers love this store for its huge assortment (starting from electronics, ending with paper clips), free worldwide shipping, low prices and a convenient website with a great app. If you are one of the fans of this store, then these lifehacks will certainly help you. And so, let's get started

What is Cash Back?

Let's start at the beginning

The term was borrowed from the UK and the US. The way it is written in Latvian and Russian is not yet formulated, that is why in our environment it is simplified in various versions depending on the source of the interaction. Most often in Latvia it is customary to use Cash Back and cashback.

The main use of the term interacts with Cash Back services, like us - SmartBuy Cash Back service www.smartbuy.lv

You might ask what is Cash Back service. Is it worth being afraid of, in fright of deceit and scams or should you just ignore it, because this is something new and unknown to you? Oh no!

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