Information about Cookies

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer.
It is used to record information about how you used our website, for example, when you last visited www.smartbuy.global and what kind of information you have searched for.
The text file is readable only by this web site, so no one can access this information.
This text file is non-malicious, can not contain a virus or program code, and can not be associated with a specific person or IP address.

Who uses cookies?
We are interested in obtaining this information in order to improve your user experience as well as to receive data and insights that may be useful to us to make sure that our website is designed and built in such a way that you receive the best possible services.

Receiving cookies
By using the website www.smartbuy.global, you agree that we:
Collect information about how you use this website, such as how often you visit it, and which pages you visit.
It is not possible to associate the stored information with any particular person;
We store data about which web browser and technical support are used by visiting our website;
Individually adjust the site and its content depending on the information obtained after your last visit.
With the help of cookies, information collected on the website www.smartbuy.global can also be used to display some ads when you visit other sites on the Internet.

Receiving cookies

By visiting SmartBuy, you agree that we use cookies.