These rules define the terms of use of the website www.smartbuy.global, (hereinafter – „Smartbuy”) for Users.

    1. The website belongs to SIA „SmartBuy” .
    2. The SmartBuy service allows users to order services and goods from service Partners and receive Cash back for that. The Cash Back is paid on the basis of the provisions of chapter 3 of this agreement.
    3. Service terms, fees, warranties and other terms are determined by service Partners. The user independently finds out the parameters of their interests from the service Partner.
    4. SmartBuy is not the supplier of offered services. All responsibitiy for the quality of the order and product lies with the service Partners.
    5. Only service Partners are allowed to return funds for provided / rejected orders.
    6. SmartBuy pays Cash Back based on the statistics which is provided by the service Partners.
    1. To receive all the features which are provided by SmartBuy the user must register.
    2. Registering in SmartBuy and accessing all the services and materials of the website can be a person who has reached the age of 16 (hereinafter – User).
    3. To withdraw Cash Back the User needs to provide SmartBuy with the following data:
      • Name and surname;
      • Phone number;
      • Date of birth;
      • E-mail;
      • Bank details / payment system account or other data upon request.
    4. After entering the SmartBuy homepage with your username and password and making orders from service Partners, the User unconditionally agrees to the rules of this Agreement.
    5. The User undertakes not to transfer his username and password to third parties. If the User suspects the unsafety of his username and password or their unauthorized use by third parties, the User shall immediately inform SmartBuy by sending an e-mail to info@smartbuy.lv.
    6. The User has been informed by the fact that SmartBuy is not responsible for visiting and using Partners websites.
    7. After the User has been registered in SmartBuy he/she agrees to receive updated information, newsletters with latest updates, new offers, special offers and also information about Partners news and offers via SMS and e-mail.
    1. The User independently orders services or goods from Partners websites.
    2. To receive the Cash Back from orders, the User needs to go to the Partners website using a special link from the SmartBuy Partner catalog. If the User has visited Partners website from another internet resource link or another transition point where SmartBuy is not related, the User can’t receive the Cash Back.
    3. Cash Back is not fixed and payed out if the User:
      • cleared the SmartBuy website cookie manually or automatically with computer browser settings;
      • in the settings of the User computer’s browser is a prohibition to save (receive) cookies and / or cookies from SmartBuy website;
      • installed a new version of the browser on its computer, resulting in the deletion of the Users individual settings, including the internet cookies, and made an order;
      • browsers have installed extensions and / or settings that block an advertisement, such as AdBlock, etc.;
      • until the moment of purchase / order switched to the homepage of the Partner from another internet resource links / or another transfer point (banner, ad, e-mail, etc.);
      • before or during the order, additional discounts or offers from Partners that are not compatible with SmartBuy;
    4. The order is paid directly to the Partner.
    5. Cash Back is paid out in monetary terms based on this Agreement in accordance with the User's choice.
    6. Cash Back is paid in Euro.
    7. For each SmartBuy Partner individual Cash Back percent is set. Interest rates are fixed on the SmartBuy website.
    8. After confirmation of the SmartBuy Partner service and after the end of the return period (if the refund option is determined by the law of the country where the service is provided), the Cash Back becomes available to the User.
    9. The minimal Cash Back amount which is possible to withdraw is 15 (fifteen) Euro.
    10. Until the Cash Back amount has reached 15 (fifteen) Euro, the User can not withdraw money.
    11. To withdraw money the User must choose the method and make a request to SmartBuy.
    12. After SmartBuy has received the request from the User, SmartBuy pays out the money within a period which is not exceeding 10 (ten) business days. Cash Back withdrawal time depends on the withdrawal method.
    13. In the case that User refuses from his / her own initiative of a previously ordered and paid order, SmartBuy has the rights not to pay Cash Back.
    1. SmartBuy is not responsible for the quality of the service provided by Partners.
    2. SmartBuy is not responsible for the incorrectly shown User details in withdrawal stage.
    3. SmartBuy is not responsible for the work of the payment systems which are related to Cash Back withdrawal.
    4. SmartBuy is not responsible and has no direct or indirect obligation to the User in connection with any possible or incurred damages related to any contents of the SmartBuy website, copyrights and registration data, goods and services available or obtained on external web sites or resources, or other User contacts in which he entered through on the Smartbuy webpage or links to external resources.
    5. SmartBuy is not responsible in front of Users or any third parties for any indirect, incidental, inadvertent loss, including loss of profit or loss of data, to the detriment of the honor, dignity or business reputation incurred by using SmartBuy website, website content or other materials, access to which the User  or another person has obtained through SmartBuy website, even if the service did not warn about the possibility of such damage.
    6. The User accepts the rules, even though all materials and services can contain advertising. User agrees that SmartBuy has no responsibility or liability in relation to this advertisement.
    1. All possible disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with applicable law of the Latvian Republic.
    2. SmartBuy has the right to transfer all the information of this Agreement to third parties without the consent of Users.
    3. SmartBuy has rights without prior notice, to make changes to this Agreement. Changes of the terms in the Agreement come into force after publication on website and are applied to any User.
    4. User confirms that he has read Agreement and accept them unconditionally.
    5. User Agreement 05.06.2017 version.


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